Solar Pro Simulations

Workshop Date: 6th Jan 2018

  • World’s first full-scale simulation software

Solar Pro is a full-fledged simulation software released ahead of the world in 1997. It achieves highly precise, module-level power and energy generation calculation by the integration of instantaneous values taking into consideration the effects of solar radiation and shading.

  • State-of-the-art technology recognized by the world

 It was introduced as state-of-the-art simulation software by “PHOTON”, Photovoltaic specialized magazine in Germany in 2001, after that we have continued improvements constantly. Solar Pro has been widely used in the world.

  • Contributing to the dissemination of photovoltaic power generation

Solar Pro’s technology has been highly appreciated by many public institutions. We received Kyoto SME Excellence Technology Award in 2003, and were also elected as an accredited project for Small Business Creative Activity Promotion Act and an Oscar certified company.

Solar Pro’s examples of use :

  • Can perform simulations in any arrangement pattern, such as the entire wall of a building or a panel arrangement in a complicated slope.
  • Placing panels across the wall1.
  • Incrementally changing panel angles.
  • Arranging 6 kinds of panels.
  • Arrangement in which reflected light does not hit the surroundings.

Solar Pro can do!

  • Design the number of panels, the direction of installation, the pitch, etc., and fill the wall with countless panels.
  • Considering the characteristics of each panel, design to maximize the amount of power generation.
  • We set the inclination angle finely for each panel and design so that each panel is hit by sunlight for a longer time.
  • Confirm the display and trajectory of reflected light on the 3D CAD drawing and
  • pay attention to surrounding buildings and transportation facilities.



A complete monitoring solution for photovoltaic power generation system. Solar link zero is a photovoltaic power generation measurement and display systems consisting of a compact monitoring terminal with integrated data logger, internet gateway, and webserver. Powered by a CPU running Linux OS, this system can easily be placed monitoring enclosure


Primary Features:

  • Performance matrix and fault diagnosis.
  • Configurable multi-level email alerts.
  • Consumption monitoring.
  • String level monitoring.
  • Real time remote monitoring of power generation equipment and site conditions.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Download raw data to CSV.


Solar Link ZERO Terminal can measure inverter output, revenue and consumption meters, and other devices via 2 RS-485 and 1-RS-232c ports. With a simple internet connection the collected data is uploaded to a cloud server where users can remotely monitor their PV system. Through a single ZERO Teminal, users can monitor 10 inverters simultaneously. Multiple ZERO Terminals can be connected to a single internet connection making it easy to monitor large solar plants with nominal configuration required. 

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