Robust Stability, Controllability and Observability

Workshop Title:  Solution of Parametric Robust Stability, Controllability and Observability Using Sign Decomposition

Workshop Date: 6th Jan 2018

Presented by: Dr. César Elizondo-González
Research Professor
Doctorate in Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, México


Workshop Abstract: In this talk, topics related to LTI systems with parametric uncertainty are presented. It mainly focuses on the parametric robust stability. Also the parametric robust controllability is analized and by the duality theorem the parametric robust observability is included. The talk begins with the stability criteria of fixed polynomials and the increase in difficulty is analyzed when they contain parametric uncertainty. The classification of polynomials with parametric uncertainty is presented and the degree of difficulty of polynomials with parametric uncertainty of multilinear and polynomial type is analyzed. Sign Decomposition is presented, it is the mathematical tool that solves the parametric robust stability as well as the parametric robust controllability and by duality the parametric robust observability is contained. Some applications are presented and finally the conclusions are presented.




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